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How are Paintings on T-Shirts made ?

Once the artist has made the artwork, it is photographed and then converted to a soft copy. We then print this soft copy on the t-shirts using specialised printers. The print is cured to make it long lasting.

Does paintings on T-shirts look as good as the original art ?

Yes, it looks very similar to the original art. Due to porous nature of cotton T-shirts it might be a little subdued by color, but the details and all are very much visible as the original.

How is the quality of the t-shirt and the print ?

We use premium quality, 100% cotton T-shirts that are medium thick, have soft feel and a comfortable fit. It has anti-bacterial coating to prevent odour and discomfort. We only use preshrunk fabric. For print, we use worlds-best machinery and an exceptional quality curing unit to ensure that the print is long lasting and doesn't fade easily.

What mediums these artworks were originally made in ?

Most of the artworks were made in Oil colors on canvas. some were made with acrylic colors. Very few were made with watercolors on paper. Some artworks are digitally made also.

Which famous artist artworks are available on T-shirts ?

We have lot of famous artists paintings available as print on T-shirts. This includes Van Gogh, Renoir, Da Vinci, Claude Monet, etc. We keep adding new artworks on weekly basis. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates on it.